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Digital Video Services

Flint River Communications - The best in digital entertainment.

How it Works

Simply subscribe to Digital Basic and add your choice of Flint Digital Tiers and Premium Movie PAKS to create your own viewing preferences. All digital services require a digital receiver. HD channels require an HD receiver to view properly. Plus, HD/DVR receivers with recording service is available! If you just aren't sure, one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you!

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Digital Basic  $88.95
The best in digital entertainment. Includes over
140 channels, plus HD channels! 

Digital Tier
STARZ ENCORE (13 channels)

Digital Movie Paks
$16.95 or $15.95 (2 or more)
HBO (11 channels)
Cinemax (6 channels)
Showtime (15 channels)
STARZ (9 channels)

Traditional Basic Cable Packages

Basic $34.95
Basic local channels, weather and more

Expanded Basic $80.95
Basic cable, plus 60 additional channel favorites


Basic & Expanded Basic  
Previously Wired (Includes 1 outlet) $69.95
New Build (Includes 1 outlet) $69.95


Digital Basic       
Optional Professional Installation      $69.95


This is for customers who would rather have a technician deliver and connect receiver(s). Includes all services purchased at the same time. If not purchased at the same time, charge applies to each call for installation. Equipment will be delivered at time of installation, otherwise, customer must pick-up equipment and no installation charges will apply.

Includes installation and setting up unlimited digital receivers/DVR’s to existing outlets. To add outlets refer to pricing below.

Leased Digital Cable Equipment

Digital Basic Cable necessary to acquire this equipment.  Signed service agreement and equipment lease required for all standard, HD and DVR receivers.  All equipment is self-installed unless Professional Installation is requested (see above).  All pricing based on per receiver or card.

Standard Digital Receiver $5.95 per month
HD Receiver $9.95 per month
HD/DVR Digital Video Recorder $14.95 per month
Activation Charge (Digital & HD Receivers only) $21.95 (one time charge)
Replacement Remote Control $15.00
Smart Card $1.99 per month

Programming Changes

Digital $5.50
Basic & Expanded Basic $38.95


Service Relocation           $69.95

Inside Wiring

1 outlet - initial install $16.95
1 outlet - after initial install                    $69.95 first /
$16.95 each additional


All outlets without digital receivers $2.95 per month

Cable Wiring Maintenance

Cable Wiring Maintenance Plan $2.95 per month
Cable & Telephone Wiring Maintenance Plan $4.95 per month
Cable Wiring Maintenance for Premium customers with full digital services FREE

Service Calls

Service / Trouble calls $69.95


Late Charge $9.95
Return Check Charge $40.00
Reconnect Charge  $69.95

Sales tax applied on all leased items.  Franchise tax charged separately.