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Residential Digital Phone Services

Talk over your internet connection and save! Local and Long Distance Calling plus Voice Mail and more! Available as an add-on to any Flint River high speed internet or cable television plan.



Phone / Internet Modems

Enhanced Telephone & Internet Modem
Lease Option Only $8.95 per month

Only one per household necessary. For customers choosing to have a second line (and phone number), additional $25.00 activation fee to program second line.

Sales tax applied on all leased items. Franchise tax charged separately. Other charges may apply.


Professional Installation   $69.95

Only one (1) Enhanced Telephone/Internet Modem per household necessary. Depending on existing cable television and internet services already in your home, installation charges may apply for each service (i.e. Expanded Basic Cable and Broadband Internet). Flint River Communications offers Professional Installation for any/all services. This is for customer who would rather have a technician deliver and connect Flint River Communications equipment. Includes all services purchased at the same time. If not purchased at the same time, charge applies to each call for installation.


  • Digital Cable: Installing and setting up unlimited digital receivers/DVR’s to existing outlets. To add outlets refer to pricing below.
  • Internet: Connecting cable internet modem to one (1) computer. Modem must be leased from Flint River Communications. To add outlets refer to pricing below.
  • Phone: Wiring and connecting telephone modem to existing home wiring. In the case where phone service is being added, cable internet modem will be replaced using the Enhanced Telephone/Internet Modem to serve as the connection for both internet and telephone services. To add new jacks, refer to pricing below.

Inside Wiring

1 cable outlet - initial install $16.95
1 cable outlet - after initial install $69.95 first / $16.95 each additional

*$16.95 rate only applies if a technician is already at the customer's home or business performing an installation. If installation is not necessary and a special trip is requested when customer signs up, the $69.95 inside wiring fee for an outlet ($16.95 each additional) will apply.

Telephone Jacks

Add new telephone jacks $50.00 per jack, plus materials

Calling Features

  • Address Book
    Store all of your contacts in one place. Easy on-line access to add, view, edit or remove your contacts.

  • Anonymous Call Rejection
    The Anonymous Call Rejection feature allows you to reject incoming calls from parties who have blocked their directory or identifying information.
  • Call Block
    Unwanted caller? Just program that number into your phone to make sure they never get through to you again.
  • Call Forwarding
    The Call Forwarding feature allows you to transfer incoming calls to another telephone number by dialing a code and the telephone number to which calls are to be transferred.
  • Call Log
    With the Call Log feature, you will have a record of all incoming and outgoing calls utilizing on-line access.
  • Call Return
    When activated, Call Return dials back the last missed call.
  • Call Waiting
    When you are on the phone and another call is coming in, the Call Waiting feature will alert you of the second call.
  • Caller ID
    With Caller ID, you are able to identify your caller before picking up the phone, allowing you the convenience of choosing which calls to take at a time that is right for you. This feature even works when you are already on the phone and a 2nd party calls in. When you hear the Call Waiting tone, your 2nd party’s identifying information will display, just as it would if you were off the phone.
  • Outgoing Caller ID Deactivation
    When deactivating Outgoing Caller ID, your number will not be displayed on the recipient’s Caller ID. Instead, the recipient’s Caller ID will display “Blocked/Unavailable”.
  • Do Not Disturb
    The Do Not Disturb feature allows you to have all incoming calls redirected to your Voicemail without ringing the phone.
  • Find Me
    Expecting a call, but want to get on with your day? Find Me lets you forward your calls to up to five alternate locations. You have the freedom to do what you need to do without worrying about whether you’re going to get a call or not. If Find Me is activated and unable to locate you, your call will be directed to Voicemail.
  • Message Waiting Indicator
    The Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) feature notifies you when a new voicemail message is waiting to be retrieved. There are two methods of notification, Audible MWI and Visual MWI.
  • Audible MWI:  Notifies you in the form of a “stutter dial tone” when a message is waiting to be retrieved.
  • Visual MWI:  Notifies you by triggering a light and/or notice on the display of your telephone when a message is waiting to be retrieved. The Visual MWI requires you to have a compatible telephone.
  • Message Waiting Indicator: will remain on the phone until the new message has been played.
  • Selective Call Forwarding
    Use this feature to forward specific callers to specific locations and numbers utilizing your easy on-line access.
  • Speed Dial
    With Speed Dial you can program all your frequently dialed numbers for quick and simple access.
  • Three-Way Calling
    With Three-Way Calling you can chat with two people at once.
  • Voicemail
    Whether you are on another call, not at home or just too busy, we will send the caller to your own personal Voicemail inbox where you can retrieve your messages at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Voicemail to E-mail
    Automatically receive new voice messages via email. Enter one or multiple email addresses in your on-line access account and receive your voice messages as they arrive.
  • Long distance calls include United States and Canada. Available only to residential customers in select Flint River Communications service areas. Phone service for businesses quoted separately. Leased equipment may be necessary to obtain some of the services indicated in this offer. Taxes, regulatory fees and other surcharges additional. Other restrictions may apply.

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